Road Trip Expenses while outside the USA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Per our CBA with Envoy Airlines reference to Article 17 we are required to support Road Trips accordingly to our Field Trip Policies that we have negotiated for each Station.

Per Article 17 "If the field work is outside of the United States and its territories, the company will either provide advanced payment or arrange for the payment of all expenses for required work permits, temporary visas, or any associated fees required to perform the work".

Please speak with your Supervisor on duty and make sure that Envoy Airlines provide one of the terms that have been agreed upon. It is not you responsibility for you and your family to bear these expenses while you are away from home fulfilling you job requirements.

This will provide a smooth timely manner at the other countries borders.

As always keep doing what we do best.  The performance and dependability of our members speaks clearly that each member of Local 576 is of great value to Envoy Airlines.

TWU Local 576 Executive Board
Tim, Layne, Alan, Joseph, Todd, Sellie

Pay increases and PDO Hours

I have been given tentative for the pay and PDO hours.
The target date for depositing the additional 8 hours of PDO into everyone’s bank is April 7th. The target for the 2% retro and effectively of the 2% to the hourly wages is May 12th. These dates could change if they run into programming issues. 
Jose Galarza
International Representative
Transport Workers Union of America

03/03/2017 Letter to Membership

Brothers and Sisters,

After a 97% NO VOTE on the Tentative Agreement on September 9th, 2016 TWU and Envoy Airlines entered into an Arbitration Hearing the first week of October.

Both parties TWU and Envoy Airlines appeared, represented by counsel and presented testimony and documentary evidence to the Arbitration Board.

Closing briefs from both parties were submitted on December 23, 2016 and after a long wait, the Arbitration Board awarded their decision of the Amendment Round Process March 21, 2017.

We all have been informed of their decision and feel the award was less than expected.   Continue reading

Arbitration Award Announced

As you know, the tentative agreement reached with Envoy Air in August was not ratified by the membership. TWU and the company jointly took the agreement to an Interest Arbitration Board to present evidence as to whether the current collective bargaining agreement should be adjusted. We agreed to abide by the Board’s decision, which would govern the rates of pay and other relevant terms for the remaining years of the contract.

That decision was released yesterday and the following are the items on which the Board ruled:

  • Rates of pay: The 2 percent across the board increases on January 1, 2017, January 1, 2018, January 1, 2019, January 2, 2020 are awarded.
  • Holiday Pay: Restore holidays to double time for all hours worked on a holiday and straight time pay for being off on the holiday are awarded.
  • Personal Days Off: An additional eight (8) hours of paid time off is awarded. The company’s proposal to expand the list of Special Days requiring advance notice is accepted.
  • Geographic Premium: The company’s proposal for introducing a geographic premium is accepted.
  • Daily Overtime: The union’s proposal for restoration of daily overtime pay is rejected.
  • Longevity Pay: The union’s proposal for introducing longevity premiums is rejected.

Download the Opinion and Award here.

If you have any questions about the Board’s decision, please see your local officers.
Thank you for your patience as we went through this process.

2015 Profit Sharing Arbitration

The arbitration hearing was originally scheduled for March 7, 2017; however, our key witness was not available that day and so the parties have agreed to postpone the hearing.

We have reached out to the arbitrator for alternate dates and all parties have confirmed July 19 as the new hearing date.

While we would have preferred not to postpone the hearing, it was in our members’ best interests to delay so that this witness is fully available to us.

We appreciate everyone’s patience,
TWU International