02/04/2021 Negotiations Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Your negotiating committee has been preparing for contract negotiations since last year. Our first scheduled meetings with the company were scheduled for the week of January 18th.

During one of our last preparation meetings, a discussion took place about the financial impact this pandemic is putting on the airline industry.

After much discussion we decided that we would attempt to get the current contract extended with no other changes other than pay increases.

A proposal for a 24-month extension with pay rate increases was given to the company.

The company responded with a counter proposal that did not meet our expectations.

We have decided to continue with the process and begin Section 6 contract negotiations.

As soon as we schedule future meeting dates, we will update you.

Thank you for your support.

12/18/2020 Negotiations Update

On December 2nd, 3rd, and the 16th -18th we met virtually, in preparation for the opening of our upcoming contract negotiations on January 19th, 2021.

We reviewed the results of the survey, and your opinions have been heard loud and clear.

We discussed strategies and reviewed individual articles. We are in the process of putting together our proposals. We have scheduled another virtual meeting session on January 6th – 8th 2021, and are committed to working diligently to get you the contract you deserve.

Your TWU Negotiating Team

12/13/2020 Letter to Membership


TWU Local 576 Executive Board has reviewed the results of the Envoy AMT & Related Member survey and we cannot disagree with you: ENVOY has a decision to be made during contract negotiations!

You all clearly remember 2012 Chapter 11 bankruptcy 8-year contract with 7 million dollars in concessions and it still has everyone feeling disrespected by ENVOY MANAGEMENT! The Envoy mgmt team had the opportunity to make it right with each of you going into the Amendment Round at year 4 of this contract. Instead, they chose to disrespect you again, offering you 2% a year raise after AAG gave their mechanics & related a 20% pay raise and they did not even have an agreement yet. A 97% NO VOTE SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR!!

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