Notification of Local 576 Officer Election

Nominations for local officers shall be taken at each scheduled June 2019 membership meetings.

Subsequent to the June meetings, election of Local Officers and Executive Board members will be held as soon as possible.

Executive Board Members will be elected at the same time and manner as the Local Officers and serve for a term of three (3) years.

Ron Cope of DFW shall again serve as the Board of Elections Chairperson. The Board of Elections shall adopt appropriate rules, and provide forms and ballots, for the conducting of nominations and elections of Officers and Executive Board Members in accordance with the International Constitution and the Local By-Laws.

The Local By-Laws shall be observed for the eligibility to run for or hold any elective or appointive position.

Ballot Point Election Services shall again be contracted to facilitate the election process.

To ensure you receive a ballot, please update or ensure you have your current mailing address on file with the Local and Envoy.