8/23/2016 Letter to Membership

Brother and Sisters,

We wish to say “thank you” to the membership for your participation and support in the local election. We look forward to working with you to improve our work environment, policies and benefits with the goal of improving the lives of the member and their families.

The election process has been the best in 20 years, 402 eligible voters with 198 participating equates to 49% participation. With that being said we are half way there. We need 100% participation in this TA vote.

Reporting to the membership on the amendment round process to date, Mr. Rinaldi is scheduled to visit each station the last week of this month. DFW 8/24, LAX 8/29, XNA 8/31 and SGF 9/01. Please read Letter Y and review the TA, ask questions and voice your opinion of this TA.  

If a member chooses not to vote on this TA, This will be considered “non-vote” and be viewed by the company as a win. Your vote is extremely important in showing the company clearly how we view the TA so we highly encourage the membership to participate. Voting begins Sept 1st and ends the Sept 9th.

The Executive Board looks forward to meeting each and every member at our next station meeting. The Station meeting will be scheduled after the results of the TA vote are known.

I shall be meeting with the presidents from Locals 570, 572 and 574 in ORD on August 30th 2016. In the event the current TA fails to pass, we shall prepare the five items the membership will bring forward into the arbitration process.

Until then keep doing what we do. The performance and dependability of our members speak clearly. Each member of Local 576 is of great value to Envoy Airlines.

Again, thanks from your
TWU Local 576 Executive Board
Tim, Alan, Layne, Joseph, Todd