We call on the airlines to invest in the people on planes and all the workers who make them fly.

It’s no time to start sending cash to Wall Street when the airlines can’t yet meet public demand or manage effectively through operational challenges. Many airline workers have had contract negotiations on hold for years – delaying raises and improving working conditions needed to keep skilled workers on the job and attract new applicants to fill staffing gaps. Add your name to tell airline CEOs to take the pledge now:

No Stock Buybacks Pledge

Airlines pledge to extend the COVID relief ban on stock buybacks. Not one dollar in stock buybacks until:

  • Operational meltdowns are not the norm and staffing and flights schedules are aligned to support public demand; and
  • Labor contract negotiations are concluded

Take Action Now

Sign the demand that CEOs put the industry’s stability, their passengers, and aviation workers first. Greed doesn’t fly. No stock buybacks until the industry flies right!