The Company Has Determined

Brothers & Sisters The company has determined an employee’s value, this determination in notably not an employee’s geographic value. Apparently having determined their bankruptcy imposed concessionary contract along with the imposed amendment concessions, employees have not yet given enough or been through enough. Now the company selectively gives some employees a geographic premium but most […]

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08/03/2018 Letter to Membership

Brothers and Sisters The company has received the results of their survey they asked all employees to participate in earlier this year. Well the results for Aircraft Maintenance and Related did not favor the results they were expecting; instead they were unfavorable for many departments within our work groups. It’s hard for the upper management

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Envoy Equity/Reserve

This letter concerns a final distribution of equity from the TWU AE Equity Distribution 402(b) Trust to American Eagle/Envoy employees represented by TWU. As part of the Eagle Equity Distribution Plan, TWU set aside 5% of the shares in a reserve account (the TWU AE Equity Distribution 402(b) Trust) as assets available to be used

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