12/13/2020 Letter to Membership


TWU Local 576 Executive Board has reviewed the results of the Envoy AMT & Related Member survey and we cannot disagree with you: ENVOY has a decision to be made during contract negotiations!

You all clearly remember 2012 Chapter 11 bankruptcy 8-year contract with 7 million dollars in concessions and it still has everyone feeling disrespected by ENVOY MANAGEMENT! The Envoy mgmt team had the opportunity to make it right with each of you going into the Amendment Round at year 4 of this contract. Instead, they chose to disrespect you again, offering you 2% a year raise after AAG gave their mechanics & related a 20% pay raise and they did not even have an agreement yet. A 97% NO VOTE SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR!!

Each and every year we have met and exceeded AAG expectations to help our ENVOY mgmt team secure their future and watch the EMB 175 fleet grow. While the fleet was growing, ENVOY MANAGEMENT allowed hundreds of good quality mechanics, ground support mechanics, inventory control specialist and cleaners walk out the door because of an insulting pay scale. They could have shown you respect during the ADMENDMENT ROUND at year 4 but they choose to ask for GEOGRAPHIC LANGUAGE from the arbitrator and offered you a ZERO % RAISE FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS. MR ARBITRATOR gave you a 2 % raise, it wasn’t ENVOY MANAGEMENT!

TWU LOCAL 576 Executive Board Contract negotiations committee will be President Tim Jackson and Treasurer Alan Treadwell. Each Local 570, 572, 574 and 576 will have a 2-member committee forming the Contract Negotiation Committee Team.

The Negotiation Committee has been meeting with the TWU International Representative, Gary Peterson, discussing the survey results and implementing the changes to the contract that is best for the members. We look forward to this opportunity to work together in order to get us the contract WE ALL deserve.

Envoy management team has the opportunity to work with us during these negotiations to provide you the contract you deserve, and secure our future with Envoy Airlines. The Envoy management team has seen high a turnover ratio in each 4 of the classification within our contract and they need to address their problem. They know exactly what the problem is. While they have been enjoying their new fleet and millions of dollars in profit it is now the time for ENVOY AIRLINES to respect you for the continuing effort each and every one of us has put in for the last 8 YEARS. YOUR OPINION HAS BEEN HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR!