07/01/2022 Negotiations Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Your negotiations committee met with the company on Wednesday, June 29th through Friday July 1st. The company passed Article 4 – Compensation, Article 5 – Personal Days Off, Article 7 – Sick Leave/On the Job Injury/Catastrophic Sick Bank and Article 17- Fieldwork.

The company’s compensation counter proposal fell way short of what you deserve. Their microscopic movement on wage increases were disrespectful and an insult to YOU. The company even had the audacity to propose the same wage scales from their previous pass for some work groups.

We were able to put together a compensation counter proposal and gave it to the company.
Although we are close on Articles 5, 7 & 17, we were not able to reach tentative agreements on these Articles during this session.

Please review the progress sheet of all Articles and Letters.

Our next meeting with the company is scheduled for July 26th – July 28th.