03/19/2021 Negotiations Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Your negotiating committee and the company had our first virtual negotiations meeting on Thursday, March 18th and19th, 2021. Introductions and negotiations ground rules were established by both parties.

Your committee passed Articles 12- Probationary Period, 15 – Furlough/Recall, 19 – General, 23 – Meal Periods, 24 – Part-time Employees, 26 – No Strike-No Lockout, 27 – Saving Clause and 28 – Health and Safety.

We were able to reach agreements in principle on Articles 12 – Probationary Period, 26 – No Strike-No Lockout and 27 – Saving Clause.

The company did not have any article proposals for us during this session. We hope to receive proposals from the company at our next negotiations session scheduled for April 27th – 29th, 2021.

Our committee will meet internally on April 7th – 9th to continue drafting proposals to get the contract you rightfully deserve.