03/13/2023 Negotiations Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today your TWU contract negotiating committee reached a tentative agreement with envoy air.

The tentative agreement provides for a four-year contract with substantial pay increases and added improvements to the current contract.

Here are some key highlights of the tentative agreement:

  • Substantial pay increases.
  • Crew Chief/Technical Crew Chief/Inspector premium increased to $2.00 per hour.
  • Train the Trainer premium $1.50 per hour when performing on the job training.
  • Pay increases of 2% and 3% annually after date of signing.
  • Reduced pay steps for all groups.
  • 8% signing bonus based on 2022 W-2 earnings to be paid out in two installments.
  • Additional PDO hours for employees with 10 or more years of service.
  • Holidays: Ability to request Holidays off and not use PDO hours.
  • Catastrophic Sick Bank: Upon retirement, 50% of accrued catastrophic sick bank deposited into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).
  • Classifications and Qualifications: renamed “Train the Trainer Crew Chief” to “Technical Crew Chief”. Renamed “Aircraft Cleaners” to “Aircraft Maintenance Cleaners”.
  • Overtime: Two times the base rate of pay on an employee’s second or third day off provided he has worked 40 hours in the workweek and has worked his first day off.
  • Hours of work: Universal CS policy added to the agreement.
  • Furlough and Recall: Improved bumping rights at time of furlough.
  • Fieldwork: Universal Road trip and TDY procedures.
  • General: New employee uniform allotment language. New yearly uniform credit for each employee.
  • Grievance Procedure: Improved grievance procedures. New mediation process language.
  • System Boards: Elimination of the 4-member system board.

Full details will be shared with you early next week.

This week we will be working on a timeline for informational contract meetings and the voting process.