Notification of Officer Nominations

Nominations for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Executive Board members will be accepted from the floor at the June 2019 membership meeting at the date, time, and place posted at each station. The term of office will run for three years beginning in August 2019. The candidate elected as President will serve as delegate to the Transport Workers Union International Convention.

As provided in the Transport Workers Union Local 576 Bylaws and International Constitution, any member who has paid dues through May 2019 is in good standing and eligible to nominate candidates and run for office. The election will be conducted in July 2019 after all local station meetings. Additional information regarding the election will be provided in a separate notice which will be mailed to all TWU Local 576 members at a later date.

Notification of Local 576 Officer Election

Nominations for local officers shall be taken at each scheduled June 2019 membership meetings.

Subsequent to the June meetings, election of Local Officers and Executive Board members will be held as soon as possible.

Executive Board Members will be elected at the same time and manner as the Local Officers and serve for a term of three (3) years.

Ron Cope of DFW shall again serve as the Board of Elections Chairperson. The Board of Elections shall adopt appropriate rules, and provide forms and ballots, for the conducting of nominations and elections of Officers and Executive Board Members in accordance with the International Constitution and the Local By-Laws.

The Local By-Laws shall be observed for the eligibility to run for or hold any elective or appointive position.

Ballot Point Election Services shall again be contracted to facilitate the election process.

To ensure you receive a ballot, please update or ensure you have your current mailing address on file with the Local and Envoy.

The Company Has Determined

Brothers & Sisters

The company has determined an employee’s value, this determination in notably not an employee’s geographic value.
Apparently having determined their bankruptcy imposed concessionary contract along with the imposed amendment concessions, employees have not yet given enough or been through enough.

Now the company selectively gives some employees a geographic premium but most of their employee’s receive nothing.
In this regard, these insulting actions by the company, have a great number of employees really considering if this is who they want to work for. By these actions a clear message has been sent to each of us. The company has displayed for us all to see. Do the rally respect each of us or is it as it appears, a false sense of value and respect, just smile for the camera. Continue reading

08/03/2018 Letter to Membership

Brothers and Sisters

The company has received the results of their survey they asked all employees to participate in earlier this year. Well the results for Aircraft Maintenance and Related did not favor the results they were expecting; instead they were unfavorable for many departments within our work groups. It’s hard for the upper management of envoy to understand why your performance for them is still superior of all other regional airlines flying the American Eagle brand or even American Airlines performance. Envoy get more planes, employees get more PIZZA/CUPCAKES.

Now Senior Leaders question themselves as to why your performance is so good but why do they feel they way they do? It’s simple; you have secured Envoy future with little to no respect from them. We feel that the Envoy motto is “IF THEIR NOT HAPPY, JUST BUY THEM PIZZA”. Pizza don’t pay the bills and we’re all tired of PIZZA! Continue reading

Envoy Equity/Reserve

This letter concerns a final distribution of equity from the TWU AE Equity Distribution 402(b) Trust to American Eagle/Envoy employees represented by TWU.

As part of the Eagle Equity Distribution Plan, TWU set aside 5% of the shares in a reserve account (the TWU AE Equity Distribution 402(b) Trust) as assets available to be used to correct any errors, to satisfy any appeals that were resolved in favor of distribution, and to make distributions to employees whose right to participate in the distribution was somehow contingent (such as those who had been discharged but were awaiting the outcome of a grievance or arbitration). As a result of corrections, appeals and resolution of grievances, there were distributions from the reserve account 402(b) Trust. Since there was still equity held in the Trust, the Trust periodically received cash dividends. The time for any requests for corrections or appeals has passed, as has any period for resolution of grievances. TWU has determined that it is now appropriate and prudent to distribute the remaining assets in the 402(b) Trust. At present there are 8,579 shares in the Trust with an approximate value of $365,000. There is also about $12,000 in cash from dividends. Continue reading

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