TWU of America Hurricane Relief

As the extreme weather continues to affect families in Texas, the TWU leadership has met to outline an action plan to best support our brothers and sisters in the area. Working with Houston-based International Administrative Vice President John Bland, State Conferences, and all our Texas-area locals, we are committed to securing our members’ immediate safety, assessing where the greatest needs lie, and identifying the most effective ways our union can support recovery efforts and help distribute aid directly to our members who need it. Mr. Bland is on the ground in Houston and will oversee efforts to ensure every affected TWU member in the area receives the aid they need.

While the destruction remains ongoing, we continue to be in touch with groups on the ground to gauge where the TWU can be most helpful in light of limited access and widespread devastation.

To start, the union has established a GoFundMe account to support victims, and has donated $50,000 to this relief fund. If you would like to make a contribution to this fund, please click here.

Envoy Profit Sharing Grievance

Dear Envoy Local Presidents:

As you likely know, in March of last year, TWU International filed a 20-D grievance with Envoy Air, citing the company’s violation of the Fleet Service, Operations Coordinators & Dispatchers and AMT & Related Agreements, including several specific letters and articles related to profit sharing. In the grievance, we argued that the company had told TWU International Repersentative Jose Galarza and several of you that post-American Airlines/U.S. Airways merger, they changed their accounting practices for reporting the profits and losses at their wholly owned carriers (Envoy, Piedmont and PSA), making Envoy a “cost center,” that would never show a profit. We also argued that as the official bargaining agent, we were never notified of this change, and that and Envoy underhandedly concocted these new accounting practices to avoid compliance with the terms of a negotiated provision in our collective bargaining agreements. We asked that the company make our members whole in every way, including profit sharing payouts, for the remaining years covered under each of these agreements.

Over a year has passed since the initial grievance was filed, and after several document exchanges and careful review by our legal and financial counsel, we have been advised that it is no longer in our members’ best interest to move forward with this grievance. We have withdrawn the official grievance, and will continue to keep you posted on any additional course of action we are advised to pursue on this issue.
Thank you for your continued patience.

In Solidarity,
Mike Mayes
Director, Air Division

New Years Day 2017 Pay for AMT & Related

I have received confirmation that the Company will pay the other half (Double time) of New Year’s Day. I did not get a confirmation on the day they will pay it, but it should be the May 12th check.
Jose Galarza
International Representative
Transport Workers Union Of America

Road Trip Expenses while outside the USA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Per our CBA with Envoy Airlines reference to Article 17 we are required to support Road Trips accordingly to our Field Trip Policies that we have negotiated for each Station.

Per Article 17 "If the field work is outside of the United States and its territories, the company will either provide advanced payment or arrange for the payment of all expenses for required work permits, temporary visas, or any associated fees required to perform the work".

Please speak with your Supervisor on duty and make sure that Envoy Airlines provide one of the terms that have been agreed upon. It is not you responsibility for you and your family to bear these expenses while you are away from home fulfilling you job requirements.

This will provide a smooth timely manner at the other countries borders.

As always keep doing what we do best.  The performance and dependability of our members speaks clearly that each member of Local 576 is of great value to Envoy Airlines.

TWU Local 576 Executive Board
Tim, Layne, Alan, Joseph, Todd, Sellie

Pay increases and PDO Hours

I have been given tentative for the pay and PDO hours.
The target date for depositing the additional 8 hours of PDO into everyone’s bank is April 7th. The target for the 2% retro and effectively of the 2% to the hourly wages is May 12th. These dates could change if they run into programming issues. 
Jose Galarza
International Representative
Transport Workers Union of America