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TWU accepting applications for Michael J. Quill Scholarships

Applications are now being accepted for the Michael J. Quill Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will offer fifteen (15) college-bound dependents of TWU members witha scholarship worth $4800.00. This scholarship will be paid out, per year in the amount of $1200.00 to winners who continue to be eligible over their four (4) year course. We also have three additional scholarship contributors: Union Benefit Planners - eight (8) scholarships worth $2500.00 each. M3 Technology - five (5) scholarships worth $2000.00 each Vincent Pitta in Memory of J. Brian Dugan - two (2) scholarships worth $2500.00 each. All of the above sponsored scholarships will be paid out in the first year, as a single scholarship. Please visit www.twu.org for an application and for additional information and rules, including eligibility requirements.The deadline for all applications will be April 22, 2016; no applications postmarked after this date will be accepted - there will be no exceptions. Winners of the scholarships will be determined by a public drawing to be held in May. Winners will be notified by mail 5-7 days thereafter.

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